Your school will benefit from Paul’s distinguished career experience as a visionary and successful school Head (on three continents) for over two decades, and from extensive experience in inter-cultural, diplomatic and interfaith affairs as the representative of a major international Jewish organization in Israel.

He has particularly specialized in management, organization, and process.

Paul is highly regarded and sought after as an expert on school management issues, and has consulted for Principals, school Presidents and community agencies in the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia. Paul is the author of ‘The Jewish High School: A Complete Management Guide’. (A second revised edition and an edition for non-Jewish independent schools are forthcoming.)

He has broadcast, lectured and written widely.

Originally from the UK, Paul attended one of England’s leading independent high schools and continued on to graduate from both Cambridge (B.A./M.A.) and Oxford (M. Phil.) Universities.

Most recently, he has been Head of School at two of the most important Jewish schools in North America – TanenbaumCHAT high school in Toronto, Canada (1998 – 2012; annual budget in excess of CAN$25m), and the Ramaz School in Manhattan (2012-2015; N-12; annual budget in excess of $40m).

In 2009 he was awarded the ‘Max M. Fisher Award for International Excellence in Jewish Education’.

After concluding his transitional Head of School assignment at Ramaz, Paul is establishing his own Consultancy for independent schools and other organizations. Paul Shaviv Consulting works with the The Joel Paul Group, a leading recruitment and placement service for school Administrators  – broadening the range of services they offer.  He is based in Palm Beach Fl. and in New York – working from his home in Florida, and with The Joel Paul Group offices in Manhattan.  In today’s connected world, he is always available on email and on cell!