We will work with you to make your organization achieve its vision more efficiently and more effectively.

The experience from which you can benefit

As a senior professional over many years, Paul Shaviv has worked closely with local, national and international NFPs, charities, organizations, Foundations, Jewish Federations, media, interfaith and diplomatic and governmental offices at professional and lay levels, gaining insight, perspective and experience.

This is uniquely blended with his experience as a direct hands-on ‘CEO’ of large and complex educational institutions, and experience in journalism, broadcasting, writing and communications.

Your organization can benefit from this in tackling challenges of management, structure, process, communications, organization, project assessment and evaluation, vision and – where necessary – crisis management.

You become better able to service your vision and purpose

  • Clearer, more effective management
  • Better process for project evaluation, tracking and management
  • Better reporting
  • Agreed process at Board level
  • Successful navigation of difficult or crisis situations

You can clarify your own management ideas and issues

  • Implement ‘Clarity Management’
  • Streamline communication and structure
  • Stimulate out-of-the box ideas and solutions to seemingly intractable challenges

Some familiar challenges

  • Is our organization effectively fulfilling its task?
  • Are our projects using our resources effectively?
  • Do we have criteria for success?
  • Is our operating strategy achieving our purpose?
  • Are our programs reaching the people we’d like to target?
  • Is our ‘message’ getting across?
  • Do we have correct Job Descriptions for our professionals?
  • Is the relationship between lay governance and professional leadership where we would like it to be?
  • Do we have a vision of the future?

Contacting Paul Shaviv Consulting

Consulting options include:

  • ‘Skype/video conferencing clinic’ — a one-hour initial conversation, or a ‘one-off’ to advise on a specific issue
  • Training seminars (on site) or webinars
  • Personal visits and individual/one-on-one consulting — designed on a project basis
  • Help and support in drafting policy and ‘vision’ documents

We’re here to you for large and small projects. Send us an email, or call us at 646-581-0890 to learn more.