What we do

We provide consultancy to established and new schools in:
  • Management Structure, Organization, and Process
  • Leadership Succession, Transition and Coaching
  • Crisis Support
  • Governance

How you will benefit:

Your school runs better, with….
  • Clearer, more effective management, structure and communications
  • Greater professionalism, and more satisfied parents, students and teachers
  • Greater appeal to prospective parents
  • Successful navigation of difficult or crisis situations
  • Clarity of purpose at Board level

…. and, of course, better educational outcomes!

Consulting options include:

  • ‘Skype/video conferencing clinic’ — a one-hour initial conversation, or a ‘one-off’ to advise on a specific issue
  • Training seminars (on site) or webinars
  • Personal visits and individual/one-on-one consulting — designed on a project basis
  • Coaching and mentoring for senior staff and lay leaders
  • Help and support in drafting essential school documents

We’re here for you

We want to be available to you for large and small projects. You can easily access us:
  • By phone: call us at 646-581-0890
  • By email
  • By online chat
  • By video conferencing
  • By personal visit

Some familiar challenges

Here are some – just some – of the challenges a school may be facing, and where we can help:
  • Professional leadership is not effective; no one implements decisions
  • Management of the school is not effective, and they are not working as a team
  • The Principal and the Board are at odds with each other
  • The Principal and the President do not communicate
  • Board meetings are acrimonious, and tend to focus on small issues
  • The budget doesn’t balance
  • We need to review our salary structure
  • Staff are unhappy; turnover is high
  • High level of parent dissatisfaction
  • The School President gets many phone calls from parents and teachers
  • The Board is trying to run the school
  • No one understands which staff to contact with questions or requests
  • The teachers appear to be unsupervised
  • The senior management do not work as a team
  • A sudden crisis has occurred; how does the school react?
  • We have a suspected child abuse situation – what do we do?
  • We are facing a serious teacher situation, and are not sure how to handle it..
  • We have uncovered a serious student discipline issue, and are not sure how to best handle it…
  • Student discipline is uneven, and consequences are inconsistent
  • Student recruitment is falling, and school faces local competition
  • The long-term Principal wants to retire, but how can s/he “ever” be replaced?
  • How can the school ensure the success of the new Principal?
  • A new Principal quickly runs into difficulties…
  • We want to apply for Accreditation, but need help in preparing the application and need help in preparing for an inspection
  • We need a School Handbook … and a Staff Handbook… and operational guidelines.